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Best Practice to realize applications for the virtual and interactive fruition of architectural and archeological structural B.I.M. models and design objects

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 Ingrid TITOMANLIO1, Giuseppe GIANNINI2  (1) Department of Architecture and Industrial Design.


The paper aims to design and to realize 3D software using for architectural and archeological constructions models and 3D interactive environments. Starting from the code design issues to arrive to the 3D graphics creation, to the texture mapping and to the entire workflow project organization in order to integrate into a single production process the several skills needed for its realization. In this paper will be address the structure data (SD) issues to be used to represent information, not only in a consistent 3D data. The information emerge when the data are not only well represented by their SD but especially when they are related and reported in an appropriate way between them. To create models by using the Building Information Modeling procedure for the cultural and archeological heritage, it will be fundamental a correct preliminary knowledge phase. This phase assumes the creation of a relationship between data cloud, mesh and structural modeling. The meshes are chosen as layer information abstraction of the highest level and can be implemented in a SD in which the data are associated with each vertex is not only the location and color but also additional properties like structural deformation information. The B.I.M. methodology will be connect to the informatics field though the use of software able to create a mesh model of cultural heritage integrated to the structural analysis procedure.



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